Add a Dropdown Menu to a WordPress Site

How to Add Dropdown Menus to (most) WordPress Sites

The easiest way to do this is usually via the “Customizer” at the top of the WordPress site.  You will see this option after logging in as a site administrator.

    1. Click on Customize at the top of the page

      Theme Customizer Button in WordPress

    2. Click on “Menus” on the left-hand sidebar

      Menu Customization Option in WordPress Theme Customizer

    3. Select the menu you want to edit (e.g. the “Primary Menu”)

      Selecting the Primary Menu for Customization in the WordPress Theme Customizer

    4. In the new sidebar that pops up, scroll until you find the item that you want to add to the menu.  Click the “+” sign next to the item

      Adding a New Menu Item to a WordPress Menu in the Theme Customizer

    5. Note that the page has been added to the list of menu items on the left

      Added a New Menu Item to a WordPress Menu in the Theme Customizer

    6. Click and drag the menu item until it is nested beneath the top-level item, from which you wish the drop-down to originate

      Repositioning a WordPress Menu Item

    7. When you are done placing the “child” item, make sure that it is slightly indented from the “parent” item.  If it is not indented, then click and drag the child item slightly to the right.

      Designating a Menu Item as a Submenu Item in WordPress Theme Customizer

    8. Click “Save and Publish” at the top of the sidebar

      Save and Publish Button in WordPress Theme Customizer



A Working Dropdown Menu in WordPress





Thank you to Monica Vandenberg with Caring Beginnings for asking how to create sub-menus in WordPress, and for allowing us to use her site images in this blog post.